New node-based video and banner ads editor
Combine photos and videos, add text and effects, use animation.
Free online editor. No credit card required.
We are currently in beta testing. We would like to involve you as a professional in video editing to test the new editor.
If you make a simple animated video in the new MixaPixa editor and tell us about your experience, how convenient it was for you and what can be improved, then we can make our product better and more user-friendly.

A typical MiaxaPixa β-user scenario is:
1. Register an account on (it's free).
2. Create a new project.
3. Make the static composition of the frame with any image from media library and any text.
4. Make animation like in one of the examples below.
5. Download the finished video project in mp4 format.
6. Send us answers in this form to the following questions:
  • How clear is it how to work with nodes and a graph?
  • How quickly did you manage to figure out animation and work with the timeline?
  • What difficulties did you encounter while using the application?
  • What would you suggest to improve in the application?
  • Specify a link to the project on the MixaPia website.
In gratitude for participating in the beta testing, we will provide participants with a one-year free access to the final release of our web application.
Here's what you can do in MixaPixa
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